Colorbox is an excellent jQuery plugin by Jack Moore. There are other Colorbox plugins for WordPress, but Simple Colorbox is, well, the simplest. Gone are complicated administration panels and mess to confuse your clients with. The Simple Colorbox is as cut down and simple as it can be. Simple install, activate, and the plugin will add beautiful layovers via the Colorbox script automagically to all linked images.

Download Simple Colorbox

Simple Colorbox Slideshow demo featuring WordPress developers Jon Cave, Ryan Hellyer and Jeff Ghazally.


For the more hard core among you, the plugin class includes a few constants which you can preset in your own plugins, themes or even in your wp-config file. Definitions for the theme, opacity and/or maximum height are available:

SIMPLECOLORBOX_THEME     Can choose from 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
SIMPLECOLORBOX_OPACITY   Any value from 0 to 1
SIMPLECOLORBOX_WIDTH     Any value from 0 to 100
SIMPLECOLORBOX_HEIGHT    Any value from 0 to 100
SIMPLECOLORBOX_SLIDESHOW Setting this to null will remove the slideshow