There are many solutions to removing spam from WordPress powered websites. This particular solution is aimed at those of you who simply want to install a plugin and forget about your spam problems. No user-unfriendly CAPTCHA’s, no complicated settings pages, just install, activate and BOOM your spam problem is gone :) … or at least that’s the theory

I’ve been using this setup on my own site for two years now and have had only a handful of incorrect results in this time. Assuming this trend continues, then this plugin should be able to shatter your spam problems into oblivion.

Download Spam Destroyer


Simply install and activate the plugin. No settings necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this plugin?
You should use this plugin if …

  • you are sick of spam.
  • you can not afford the costs of using Akismet.
  • you do not like the idea of using external services to control spam.

Does it work for WordPress version x.x.x?
I only provide support for the latest version of WordPress.

How does this thing work?
There are two anti-spam payloads, a cookie and a hidden input field, which are created/verified by javascript.

Any bots attempting to bypass this plugin will need to be able to process both cookies and/or javascript.

Your plugin is stopping me from posting on XYZ’s blog!? Fixit damnit!
If comments are being picked up as false positives, then the site owner will see that in their spam queue and they can let me know directly. If not, then you were probably blocked for a good reason.

Your plugin is not stopping spam on my contact form
Doh! That will be because I haven’t hooked the plugin into whatever contact form plugin you are using. I intend to ensure it works with the major ones soon, including the Grunion, Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 plugins. My own contact forms are still be spammed, so I will definitely be fixing this at some point, I just need to find time. (patches welcome)